A couple weeks ago I released a record called "CHANT" inspired by prison song and old south field recordings. We recorded in Mexico City and Minneapolis, 30 friends chanting in my apartment, the trash collector out on the streets, at a shaman's home in Peru, and in Hernan Hecht's, Erik W. Koskinen's and Greg Schutte's studios. Everyone was and is welcome.

This is "Hold My Machete". I wrote it while in the Mexican state of Guerrero driving the Pacific coast. You pass through small towns where everyone is carrying a machete in a long leather holster. For miles, the highway is lined with young men barefoot and shirtless chopping the tall grass, big heat, with their machetes. It all feels surreal, but its the real sweat.
‪#‎CHANT‬ is available at www.clouserchant.bandcamp.com


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